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HITWORKS is a merit driven organisation, operated by people of strong positive and proactive thinking.

We provide cost effective and innovative ICT solutions to a wide variety of enterprises. Our highly specialised teams of consultants, developers and technologists are eager to find novel solutions for a diverse set of industries, such as: Logistics & Warehousing, Communications, Education, Human Resources, Finance, Government, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare ...and more.

We do not provide just a service, but a concept. Each concept contains the dream, vision and future of our clients.

meet some members of the Team

ibrahim akinola

Co-Founder, Senior Technology Officer
Ibrahim is a technologist and social entrepreneur with experience across various IT domains. He brings his innovative mind, bold ideas and 12+ years of experience as a TechPreneur and Web Developer to the firm. He’s academic experience spans Electrical & Electronics Engineering, e-Learning Instructional Designs & Information Technology.

Chinedu Okoronkwo

Co-Founder, Head Software Development
Chinedu sees software development as finding the match between a business challenge and everything possible. He has a deep expertise in Microsoft Technologies and his past projects include but not limited to; WAEC Portal, JAMB Portal, Nigeria Army Procurement System -amongst others. He's a graduate of Physics with Electronics.

Biodun Adewale

Project Consultant, Network Solutions

Biodun brings with him a diverse background that includes networks infrastructure deployment, digital content strategy, marketing, and a myriad of business endeavours. He is a Managing Partner at HostQuarters Satelite & Telecoms - a computer networking and internet service provider with presence in 3 countries.

Angela Eyekosi

Head of Public Relations

Angela is responsible for the day-to-day marketing, public relations and advertising operations of the brand. She brings her deep knowledge in a variety of disciplines such as human resources, theatre arts and brand development to HITWORKS. She has a post-graduate in Strategic Management & Leadership from London Academy Business School

Darlington Oguz

Software Development Consultant
Darlo' is a results-driven programmer and project manager with experience across multinationals and startup environments. He has proven experience in Project Management, Software Architecture, C#, .NET, WPF with MVVM, WCF, ASP MVC3, Entity Framework, LINQ, Agile Software Development & Scrum. He has a Certificate in Strategic Management from Harvard Business School and MSc Chemical Engineering from Bucknell University.

odunusi adewale

Project Management Consultant
'Wale is the grease that keeps the team running smoothly; He's responsible for overall resource allocation, timelines, budgets, and of course customer satisfaction. He's our wonderful project management consultant. He is a certified Project Management Professional(PMP) and a graduate of Project Management(MSc) from British International University of Dubai.

kanmi Ademiiju

Kanmi is a Co-Founder, whizkid, and an 'idea guy' with more than 12years experience developing Techy Solutions. Kanmi's expertise is programming and ideation. He loves process engineering.

Temmy borode

Temmy is a senior network infrastructure consultant with experience spanning over 12 years.