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HITWORKS is a merit driven organisation, operated by people of strong positive and proactive thinking.

We provide cost effective and innovative ICT solutions to a wide variety of enterprises. Our highly specialised teams of consultants, developers and technologists are eager to find novel solutions for a diverse set of industries, such as: Logistics & Warehousing, Communications, Education, Human Resources, Finance, Government, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare ...and more.

We do not provide just a service, but a concept. Each concept contains the dream, vision and future of our clients.

meet some members of the Team

ibrahim akinola

Co-Founder, Senior Technology Officer
Ibrahim is a technologist and social entrepreneur with experience across various IT domains. He brings his innovative mind, bold ideas and 12+ years of experience as a TechPreneur and Web Developer to the firm. He’s academic experience spans Electrical & Electronics Engineering, e-Learning Instructional Designs & Information Technology.

Chinedu Okoronkwo

Co-Founder, Head Software Development
Chinedu sees software development as finding the match between a business challenge and everything possible. He has a deep expertise in Microsoft Technologies and his past projects include but not limited to; WAEC Portal, JAMB Portal, Nigeria Army Procurement System -amongst others. He's a graduate of Physics with Electronics.

Kanmi Ademiiju

Co-Founder, Head of Product Development
Kanmii believes engineering is the most potent force of nature. And this believe is reflected in his passion for building awesome products as a way to advance humanity. He has extensive experiences in the world of big business where he wears several hats and deep expertise in software engineering and ideation.

Angela Eyekosi

Head of Public Relations

Angela is responsible for the day-to-day marketing, public relations and advertising operations of the brand. She brings her deep knowledge in a variety of disciplines such as human resources, theatre arts and brand development to HITWORKS. She has a post-graduate in Strategic Management & Leadership from London Academy Business School

Darlington Oguz

Software Development Consultant
Darlo' is a results-driven programmer and project manager with experience across multinationals and startup environments. He has proven experience in Project Management, Software Architecture, C#, .NET, WPF with MVVM, WCF, ASP MVC3, Entity Framework, LINQ, Agile Software Development & Scrum. He has a Certificate in Strategic Management from Harvard Business School and MSc Chemical Engineering from Bucknell University.

odunusi adewale

Project Management Consultant
'Wale is the grease that keeps the team running smoothly; He's responsible for overall resource allocation, timelines, budgets, and of course customer satisfaction. He's our wonderful project management consultant. He is a certified Project Management Professional(PMP) and a graduate of Project Management(MSc) from British International University of Dubai.

Temmy Borode

Project Consultant, Network Solutions

Temmy brings with him a diverse background that includes networks infrastructure deploymen and a myriad of business endeavours. He is the Chief Technology Officer at JIMTOP LTD. - an engineering services and network infrastructure company with over 3 decades of experience.